About Theo

Theo is from the busy small town of Davis, California. He began playing music at a young age, starting with the drums, then moving to a formal study of piano. He joined his first band at age 9 on bass guitar. Throughout junior high and high school, Theo played in various bands and orchestras, honing his skills as a performer and songwriter.

Around this time he began experimenting with home recording. Fascinated with the recording process since recording his band's first single at age 11, Theo did his first home recordings with an iMac and a USB microphone. Now, he is tracking full bands and producing final mixes.

As he was developing his music skillset, Theo was also investigating the world of video production. Starting with nonsensical short films at age 10, he took the craft more seriously during his junior year of high school. It was at this point that he began writing, directing, acing, and editing more seriously.

Theo Today

Theo is currently pursuing a B.A in Music with a concentration in Recording Technology, with a minor in Cinematic Arts & Technology, at CSU Monterey Bay. He is creating psychedelic jazz rock with Kevin Austin as The Soup Boys, whose debut album "Plague Rock" was released in November of 2018. Theo's production experimentation continues with his vaporwave/trip-hop project Captain Mick. He continues to play in an on-campus jazz group, occasionally playing other gigs in various groups. He is creating a variety of films as part of his studies.