Captain Mick

Captain Mick

Captain Mick is my pseudonym for all things electronic music and internet art. Captain Mick primarily produces vaporwave, though trip-hop is another huge influence.

Some Captain Mick releases are available on streaming platforms worldwide. All albums, as well as merch, are available on the official Bandcamp page.


新しいIKEAのベッドをアセンブルする方法 (as HUMIDITY™)
March 27, 2016 (self-released)
Rereleased January 18, 2018 by Sample Crew

Shop With Me
February 9, 2019 (Eternal Productions)
40 cassettes available via Eternal Productions
10 cassettes available via Brainmelter Records

'Til Dawn [Deluxe Edition]
April 19, 2019 (Illuminated Paths)
25 cassettes available via Illuminated Paths
15 cassettes available via Brainmelter Records
Originally self-released December 1, 2017
Deluxe Edition adds four new tracks and a remix by Matty A

'Til Dawn (Reissued 2019)

This album is a fusion of vaporwave and trip-hop, taking the slowed down sludginess of the former and combining it with the drum breaks and basslines of the latter.

A Deluxe Edition was released by Illuminated Paths, containing four new tracks and a remix by Matty A.

This album takes samples from many sources and combines them into cohesive tracks, channeling funk, soul, and R&B. I also performed on the album, having recorded drums, bass, and keyboards on select tracks.

Shop With Me (2018)

For this album, Captain Mick returns to a more classic-style vaporwave production, taking 80s R&B, smooth jazz, and funk, chopping it up, slowing it down, and blending it all together.