The Soup Boys

The Soup Boys

The Soup Boys is a project that combines psychedelic rock, jazz, folk, prog, and similar genres to create a unique sound. The Soup Boys are primarily a studio project consisting of Kevin Austin (Sweetgum) and myself. As a duo, we have performed during early Sweetgum sets, consisting of Kevin (guitar, vocals), me (bass, vocals), and Matt Austin (drums). We have been joined onstage with friends such as Frank Schneegas, who collaborated with the band for Produce Section, our first EP and second release.

The Soup Boys' releases are on streaming platforms worldwide. Merch is available through the band's Bandcamp page.


Plague Rock
November 11, 2018 (Brainmelter Records)
28 cassettes [Sold Out]
CDs available

Produce Section (with Frank)
April 8, 2019 (Brainmelter Records)
CDs available

Produce Section (2019)

The Soup Boys' second project was a departure from Plague Rock's style. All of the songs on the album were written by Frank Schneegas, a friend of the band. I worked with Frank to realize his ideas, and the resulting project was a mini-album released under the Soup Boys moniker.

In addition to the normal production work, I performed the bass, drums, and keyboard for the album. Frank played electric guitar, and Kevin joined them for vocals on Sweet Memories.

Plague Rock (2018)

The debut album by songwriting duo The Soup Boys, "Plague Rock" combines psychedelic rock, jazz, and folk to create a unique album. Recorded in my garage over the course of 2017 and 2018, it marks my first full-length traditionally recorded album.

My contributions to the album are numerous. I recorded and mixed the entire album, in addition to playing many instruments. I performed all of the drums on the album and almost all of the bass, plus contributed electric guitar, piano, organ, keyboard, vocals, and percussion. I also did the digital coloring for the artwork and manages the social media pages for the group.